Operations and Administration

The flow of Administration of this Local Government starts from the Chairman/Caretaker Chairman to the Head of Local Government Administration through the Director of Administration & Generals Services to the Entire Staffs’.

Itesiwaju Local Government Area Administration

Itesiwaju local government is one of the 33 Local Governments in Oyo State. Itesiwaju local government area like any other local government area in Oyo state is being supervised coordinated and directed by the local government services commission. Hence, local government service commission (L.G.S.C) serves as the regulatory body of the activities of the local government administration in Nigeria, towards curbing excesses and untoward behaviours of staff of local government area, for easy administration there are eight (8) operational departments in which both environment health services and budget, planning, research and statistic department were created by former Governor of Oyo state Otunba (Dr.) Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala the Executive Governor of Oyo state and the resolute of the Oyo state house of assembly in the year 2008 and 2009 respectively. The departments are as follows:

  • Head of Local Government Administration’s Office.
  • Administration and General Service Department.
  • Agriculture and Natural Resource.
  • Budget, Planning, Research and Statistics Department.
  • Environment Health Services Department.
  • Finance and Supplies Department.
  • Primary Health Care Department.
  • Social Development, Education, Information, Sports and Culture Department: and
  • Works, Transport, Housing, Lands and Survey Department.
  • Audit Unit.

All heads of Department remain career officers whose tenure officer, remuneration, functions, responsibilities and conditions of services shall remain as in the approved scheme of Service for Local Government Employees. All substantive Heads of Department are of equal status. All the equivalence of the post of the permanent secretary in the state public services does not exist in the local government services.

Head of Local Government Administration's Office

  • Advising the councils on policy matters and implementation of councils decisions.
  • Administration and control of staff of the local government.
  • Co-ordination of all activities of all directors in the local government.
  • Liaising with the local government services commission and other government agencies on matters relating to the career progression, discipline, promotion, transfer, welfare and other matter affecting the local government staff.
  • Liaising with the local government service commission in coordinating training activities for the local government staff.
  • Attending council meeting.
  • Serving as the member of the Finance and General Purpose Committee in the local government.
  • Signing all cheque with the Director of Finance.
  • Performing and other duty that may be signed from time to time by the council, finance and general purpose committee and the chairman of the local government.

Administration and General Service Department

The department is headed by a director of personnel management. Apart from handling all personnel matters, this department serves as the general administration department of the local government. It renders supporting services to the local government secretary and the chairman. The secretary has to rely on this department for most of his administration advice and support and for the coordination of the works of the other departments. This is the local government and it also runs the main registry.

The head of the department is supporting by a deputy and also by a team officials drawn the cadres of the personnel officers, administration officer, executive officer, clerical officers, confidential secretaries, typists and messengers/drivers.

Among the functions of the administration and general services department of Itesiwaju local government are the following to Oyelakin (1992:79)

  • Administration the department.
  • Treating issues relating to personnel matters of the local government including issues of employment, discipline, inter-department transfer, promotion and retirement of staff.
  • Serving the councils and the committee of the local government including the taking down of minutes of such meetings.
  • Implementing the decision of the councils and of the executive committee of the local government including the communication of such decisions to other department where implementation is the responsibility of such department initiate action.
  • Initiating action on bye laws and perfection of action on bye laws where other departments initiate action.
  • Taking steps to acquire lands where the council of the local government so decides.
  • Entering into contract agreement with contractor of the local government, whenever contractor jobs are authorized to be given out.
  • Bonding of local government employees who handle cash, store or other valuable of the local government.
  • Selection of an officer to functions as secretary to the traditional council where that council has no secretary of its own.
  • Writing public addresses.
  • Conducting marriages under the law, officiating at solemnization of marriage and keeping the marriage register and other related documents and
  • Performing any other administrative duties that crop up in the discharge of the local government functions.

Agriculture and Natural Resources Department

The department is headed by the director of agriculture who is supported by other officers in other areas of agriculture matters and other professional and clerical assistant.

The department handles all matters relating to agriculture and natural resources, including the following:

  • Establishment of cash crop and food crop farms for the local government including running of vegetable and fruits firms
  • Construction and maintenance of silos and other food storage depots
  • Assisting farmers by offering advice on agriculture related matter
  • Assisting the farmer to produce farm equipment and inputs, on behalf of the local government
  • Taking charge of local government agriculture machinery, equipment inputs and chemical
  • Offering advice to the local government on the local government farm and mode of handling farming activities within the local government in general
  • Formulating the agriculture policy of local government farm and presenting same for consideration of the local government authority as well as
  • Implementing all approved agricultural policies of the local government and documenting problems and prospects of the policy so that these could be incorporated in subsequent reports to be made to local government authority
  • Establishing and running of animal husbandry including poultry, rabbitry, piggery, etc.
  • Establishing and running of fish ponds as well as rearing of snails
  • Establishing and maintenance of fuel wood plantation and
  • Encouragement of tree planting habits. Oyelakin (1992:105-106)

Budget, Planning, Research and Statistics Department

The department is headed by the director, budget, planning, research and statistics and under listed are major responsibilities of the officers of the department. They are as follows:

  • Preparing data processing equipment budget.
  • Collecting data for statistical enquiry.
  • Collecting and collating data required for economic analysis.
  • Assisting initiating projects and program.
  • Undertaking policy analysis and formulation and project evaluation.
  • Performing personnel and economics analysis work.
  • Designing and producing computer input/output formats.
  • Undertaking planning monitoring and control duties.
  • Planning, organizing and arranging for the running of programs on the computer.
  • Evaluating new systems design and integrating them into existing system.
  • Compiling and presenting reports on projects and plans and
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by superior officers from time to time Oyelakin (1992:95-97).

Environmental Health Services Department

This department is headed by the director of environmental health services and other officers who discharge their duties responsibilities under listed operation unit including:

  • Waste management and pollution control units.
  • Environmental hygiene and community mobilization units.
  • Diseases, pest and vector control units and
  • Monitoring and evaluating units.

Waste management pollution unit

  • Management of both liquid and solid waste.
  • Monitoring of the activities of private refuse contractors in the local government area.
  • Creating and evaluating of wastes in the local government area.
  • Clearing and cutting of overgrown weed in the local government premises and in the public area
  • Prevention of untreated effluent from industries and factories in the jurisdiction of the local government area.
  • Control of air, water, soil and noise pollution in the local government area.
  • Monitoring of the movement of the local government refuse vans.
  • Monitoring of local government sanitary land fills.
  • Revenue generating at the lands fill from refuse collection operators .
  • Collection of water sampling for biological & chemical analysis.
  • Revenue generation on water sanitation (e.g. water samples for laboratory analysis).
  • Any other duties as specified in the scheme of services and national environmental sanitation policy.

Environmental hygiene & community mobilization unit

  • House to house inspection for detection and abatement of environmental nuisances.
  • Organizing training and re-training programs for the community on environmental health services.
  • Carrying out enlightenment programs for the community on environmental sanitation.
  • Training of food vendors

Disease, pest and vector control unit

  • Pest and vector control.
  • Licensing of pest and vector control premises.
  • Fumigation of all government health institution and offices as stipulating in the national policy on environmental sanitation (NPGS).
  • Commercialization of the local government pest and vector control outfit for revenue generation.
  • Control of communicable diseases like water borne, food borne, airborne, and vector borne disease.
  • Chlorination of water sources.
  • Any other duties specified in the scheme of services and the national environmental sanitation policy.

Monitoring and evaluation unit

  • Identify the number of houses in the jurisdiction.
  • Identify the number of houses inspected.
  • Indentify the number of houses suitable for habitation.
  • Identify the number of houses with sanitary conveniences.
  • Number of abatement notices issued and served.
  • Number of regulated premises in jurisdiction.
  • Number of offenders prosecuted in the local government area by the department.
  • Revenue generated of the coffers of the local government on weekly, monthly and annual basic.
  • Rendition of weekly, monthly and annual report of activities of the department.

Finance and Supplies Department

The live-wire of any Local Government is the Treasure. This is because there is no establishment in the world that can function without fund. Finance and supplies of the Local Government that is responsible among other function for collection of revenue for the Local Government.

The director of finance and Supplies is the Head of Department of the finance and Supplies. In this capacity, he performs the duty of the permanent secretary for the Ministry of Finance as well as the function of the Accountant-General of the Local Government. He is also the head of Treasury Administration supervising both the accounting and revenue collection departments/units of Local Government. In addition, he functions as the commercial and industrial officer for one reason or another.

In the performance of his duty as the head of the finance and Supplies, he is assisted by the officers such as Accountants, Executive officer (accounts) Clerical Officers, secretaries, Typist and messagers in the performance of the accounting duties, he is supported by the deputy director of Finance and Supplies who himself is assisted by the officers from the cadrestha support the Treasurer himself.

The functions of the finance the supplies department of the Local Government apart from the normal administration of the Department consist among other, of the following:

  • Collection of all revenue from all sources to the Local Government Coffers;
  • Making payment for recurrent and capital expenditure of the Local Government;
  • Keeping of the account of revenue and expenditure of the Local Government;
  • Keeping main and subsidiary ledger accounts.
  • Keeping of Annual Financial Statement of Accounts (or Annual Statements of Accounts).
  • Formation of financial policies, and execution of approval financial policies.
  • Procurement and keeping custody of revenue receipts and monitoring of usage of the receipts.
  • Offering financial advice to the Local Governments.
  • Performing the functions of the commercial and industrial establishment such as poultry farm, block moding industry and similar other, for which as full time commercial or industrial officer cannot be appointed. (Oyelakin 1992: 92-95).

Primary Health Care Department

This department is headed by a Medical Officer, where the Local Government has one.  In his absence, ht most senior of the categories of staff heads the department. It is also of an advantage, if such an officer in addition to his original training and official post, has undergone the Community Health Officers Course.

The main functions of the Primary Health Care Department include the following;

  • Diagnosing and treatment of minor ailments such as malaria, dysentery, pains, coughs, etc.
  • Giving first aid treatment to accidents victims;
  • Treatment of cuts, wounds, ulcers, and minor fracture;
  • Taking care of pregnant and nursing mothers;
  • Giving health education to pregnant and nursing mother;
  • Taking deliveries of pregnancies;
  • Keeping of medical financial records;
  • Making collection of medical revenue;
  • Mixing of medical compounds to produce medicines for the treatment of minor ailments;
  • Making requisition for drugs and dressings, and taking custody of such drugs and dressing when not n use;
  • Effecting immunization of children and pregnant woman against number of deadly diseases that afflict babies and children. Oyelakin [1992: 112 – 113].

Social Development, Education, Information, Sports and Culture Department

The department is headed by a Head of Department [H.O.D] who under the present system, Local Education Authority has and education committee headed by Chairman of the local government with other interest groups having representative members in the committee. The committee meets to deliberate, and the decision on matter to ratification by any other authority.

The department coordinates the educational Sector including the Local Government Education Authority [LGEA].

The secretary to the Local Government Area is responsible to the H.O.D of education who in turns stands as the intermediary between Local Government Authorities and the Local Government Education Authorities.

The department coordinates all school activates, organize quiz, debate, symposia, cultural display, competitions. etc.

  • Managing the local government public libraries and reading rooms;
  • Supervision of school libraries in the local government area;
  • Advising the local government as to which type of books and periodicals are to be provided to the libraries;
  • Making adequate arrangements for readers’ comfort in the libraries while at the same time ensuring that library books and properties are not damaged lost;
  • Keeping of copies of the local government Annual Estimates, Annual Financial Statements, as well as the monthly and annual reports of activities council and of other committees of the council for reference purpose. Oyelakin [1992: 101-104].

Works, Transport, Housing, Land and Survey Department

This is one of the two major departments which portray the physical achievements of the local government or supervises the execution of such jobs when given out on contract.

The Department is headed by an Engineer or Director of Works. Among the duties performed by the Works Department of Itesiwaju Local Government, are listed below;

  • Construction and Maintenance of Roads

Under the general directives of Head of Department, the staff of the department undertakes the construction of roads by direct labor. They also maintain and repair such rods. Where the right types of road equipment are available the not only construct the roads, but also fare the roads. When the construction is given out on contract the Head of Department Supervises the work and issues certificate of completion, stage by stage, on which payment to the contractor is based.

  • Construction of Bridges, Converts and Retaining Walls

Apart from construction and maintenance of roads, the department also constructs under similar conditions, bridges, culvets and retaining walls on the local government roads. If such construction is given out on contract, the department.

Supervises the construction and certifies the job done by the contractors before payments are made.

  • Construction and Maintenance of Public Buildings

Apart from construction and maintenance of roads, the Head of the Department, under the general directives of the local government, arranges the constructions of public buildings, by direct labour. He also sees to maintenance or/and repairs to public buildings, Where necessary, where constructions are given out on contact, he does the supervision and issues completion certificates as usual.

Among the public building the department is empowered to arrange for their construction are libraries, dispensaries, maternity centers, school buildings, secretarial buildings, area offices, shopping complexes, market stall, meat stalls, abattoirs, and motor parks.

  • Construction of other public utilities

The works Department, either by direct labour or by supervising constructors also undertakes the construction of other public utilities such as boreholes, wells, toilet, recreation centers, burial ground, parks and gardens.

  • Maintenance of Plants and vehicles

Since the department, has among its staff technical officers and technicians, and because it makes use of road plants and vehicles, it is in-charge of maintain the plants and vehicles.

  • Surveys of Land and Drawing of plans

If the local government decides to survey any piece of land, the department is usually requested to carry out the survey, if competent staff and instruments are available for use; if not; the Head of Department is to monitor the contractor who undertakes the job.

  • Preparation of Job Specification and Estimates

Whenever a construction job is to be done, either by direct labour or by construction, the Head of works Department is to draw up the job specifications in addition to the technical plan drawing, and produce and detailed estimates of the cost of the job to be done.

  • Officering technical Advice

The engineer is expected to offer technical advice to the tenders board, or the Executive council (which used to be the finance an general purposes committee) when the site to consideration to the Engineer’s views, as an expert, when taking decisions on award of contracts, He is also to give technical advice whenever asked for by the secretary, the director, the Treasurer, or any Head of the Department.

  • Maintenance of stores

Where the local government has a large store in which various items of equipment and material for construction and maintenance works are stored are stored, the works Department has to take of such store. A competent storekeeper should be appointed to take charge of the store, under the supervision of the Head of Department.

  • Estate and valuation Unit

This unit is headed by an Estate and valuation Officers. Including quantity surveyors, architects; valuation officers and artisans, in the discharge of his professional duties, while for his administrative duties, he is assisted by officers such as clerical assistant, typists and messengers who are more or less financial officers combing administrative assignments with their accounting schedules.

Being one of the units under worker Department, its duties are as follows:

  • Valuation of tenements for the purpose of assessments.
  • Preparation of estimates and drawings for building and other construction works for the local government.

Audit Unit

  • Serving as financial watch –dog of the Local Government.
  • Forwarding quarterly report of activities of Local Government the office of the Auditor General for Local Governments.
  • Carrying out independent appraisal of the accounting. Financial and other processes of the Local Government for the achievement of the follow objectives:
  • Protecting the assets and interest of the Local Government
  • Ensuring maintenance of sound internal control system.
  • Pre – payment and post-payment checking of payment vouchers.
  • Prevention and detection of loss of cash or stock and plant.
  • Raisin audit on irregular/illegal payments.