Objectives & Functions

For effectiveness, every unit and department is saddled with various objectives which perform a number of functions to ensure smooth running of the Local Government 

Marriage Registry

Immunization Activities

Family Planning

Hiring of Tractor

Treatment of Diseases

Treatment of infectious Diseases such as Tuberculosis, child delivery services.

Community Supervision

Monitoring & Supervising the Community and Social Development Programme.

Certificate of Origin

Issuing of Certificate of Origin.

Culture and Tourism

Reforming and restructuring and annual heritage masquerade festival on Culture and Tourism.


Co-ordination the woman affairs activities.

Co-ordination the affairs of information Unit.

Co-ordination the welfare of the community based.

Environmental Sanitation

Observation of Monthly and Weekly Environmental Sanitation Exercise and Routine inspection of regulated premises and living premises.

Skills Acquisition

Skills acquisition training in fashion Designing, Barbing, Computer Services, Hair Dressing and catering centre.

Prison Visit

Prison visitors and visiting committee.

Street Registration

Registration of street naming, roads and avenue.

Transport Regulation

Regulation of Transport business both vehicles and commercial motorcycles.

Armed Forces Remembrance Day

Participating in the Legion/Armed forces Remembrance Day.


NYSC Matters affecting activities.